The Natural Filters Starter Kit contains our 5 pack of water filters as well as the filter brush. The 5 pack of bamboo charcoal water filters will provide you and your family with clean and tasty drinking water without all the nasties for over a year (15 months to be exact). That works out to be less than a dollar a week! Each pack contains 5 individually wrapped Binchotan bamboo charcoal water filters which last up to 3 months each after which they can be either added to your compost or directly to your garden for a second life of enriching your soil. To top it all off, the packaging is made from recycled paper and cardboard – even the packing bag it comes in is fully biodegradable. 

Plant trees with your order – 10% of each and every order goes towards healing and preserving rainforests such as the Daintree through our partners at Rainforest Rangers.