How Bamboo Charcoal Works

Binchotan bamboo charcoal filter impurities from your tap water by absorbing them into its porous structure over time, like a sponge. Just to get your head around how powerful Natural Filters are at filtering impurities, only one gram of high-quality bamboo charcoal has approximately the same surface area as three tennis courts – game set match!

Why Bamboo?

We use bamboo to make our charcoal filters instead of other types of wood for several reasons. First and foremost, bamboo charcoal works better than wood charcoal at filtering impurities from tap water. Bamboo charcoal has three times as many pores per gram than wood charcoal. This fact also explains why you only have to leave it in your water jug or bottle for four hours, compared to eight hours for all other types of wood charcoal-based filters.

The second reason is sustainability. The rising popularity of Binchotan charcoal for both grilling and water filtration around the world has expanded the supply far beyond its origins in Japan to forests in south east Asia and beyond. Since bamboo is a type of grass it grows back after being trimmed, just like the grass on your lawn. Therefore no trees are cut down in the process of production and full ground cover is maintained.

Furthermore 10% of each and every order goes towards healing and preserving rainforests such as the Daintree through our partners at Rainforest Rangers.

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